Urban planning and Real Estate

In this section we deal from the study of the same opportunity to invest in such assets, the valuation thereof and companies wishing to be acquisition, merger or, where appropiate, liquidation, conducting feasibility studies and investment analysis, the determination of the structure that is most appropiate to the size and strategy of the company, the financial-fiscal planning to achieve maximum efficiency and competitiveness, the choice of the most appropiate investment vehicle, search and selection of partners, local or foreign, and the formalization of partnerships to participate in operations that, by its size or geographical scope, we are outside and, if advisable, those of divestment by having completed its life cycle or having reached the objectives pursued.


All passes, Real Estate is an engine of growth and employment. On the residential side, helps meet one of the main basic needs of people: access to housing. In its other fields, promotes the development, through the construction and rehabilitation of buildings, commercial and industrial, offices, hospitals and residence for the elderly, cultural and sports centres, etc., which make our life more comfortable.

The term Real Estates serves to describe the activity of real estate in its entirely, because it encompasses the entire process that has to take case to have the building ready for occupation, use and enjoy immediately, since the same study of the opportunity to invest in this category of assets, through the phases of planning, product definition and drafting of the technical contracting and execution of works and marketing thereof.

It´s an extremely complex activity, requiring deep, specialized knowledge and equipment multidisciplinary, internal or hired equipment to the effect, that will guarantee the success.

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