To the owner:
Besides the activity of brokerage, supply is supplemented by services such as:
– Comparative analysis of supply and demand in its market segment.
– Proposed actions aimed at more effective and efficiency marketing of properties.
– Proposed adaptation and modulation of leasable area.
– Execution of works of adaptation, reform, redistribution and refurbishment of spaces.
– Preparation of a technical report on the property diagnosis.
– Energetic rate of the building and surveying in BIM format.
– Facility and Property Management.

To the tenant:
– Comparative analysis of alternatives, costs and consumption of the building.
– Sizing advice necessary spaces.
– Workspaces lay-out.
– Conditioning and implementation into new offices.
– Provision of post-leasing services such as hiring of supplies and maintenance management, auditing facilities, etc., that is, Business Services.

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