Decision to go outside is not enough, but it is necessary to decide what will be the first destination to do so. And this means knowing the international environment through their key, to choose between one or the other aerial geographical indicators, including a country developed, developing or emerging, depending on the actual activity of the company and the characteristics of their products or services, so that they are accepted in the target market.


The so-called country risk will be a decisive factor for the decision, but also the deep knowledge of competition and products that there are defendants, such as the experiences of other companies that are already present, or had tried, in that particular market.

Finally, the analysis of factors such as the location of the optimal site, the existence or not of adequate infrastructure, language or culture existing in the country of destination are essential.

We are already present in the majority of countries who are chosen as a destination for Spanish companies, so that in our company will find it you easier.

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