InCompany courses are the suitable formula to instruct homogeneous groups in organizations, whatever their field of activity, size, market position, etc.,.

The programs are specifically designed to fit their needs, both with respect to the subject matter of training, and the people to whom it is intended, as well as to the objectives.

CEFyRE facilitate several forms of InCompany training, as a function of the target and the organizational structure, functional and geographical company that request.

So, we provide courses from one-to-one, designed to expand the vision directive on a given area of knowledge (business strategy, economic and financial, organization systems, control, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, internationalization, risk analysis, investment and divestment, mergers, acquisitions and alliances, etc.,), oriented training and improvement of management, to collective courses aimed at a more o less large group need to be trained in one or several specific aspects of maximum interest for the organization (centralization, delocalization o decentralization of activities, implantation of new organizational structures and implementation of new management models, output processes to external markets, transmission objectives and how to accomplish them, etc.,.

Therefore, we use different methods to achieve maximum effiency with absolute flexibility, from face-to-face, even face-online, recommended when users are geographically dispersed and/or when their professional responsibilities hinder their physical presence in one place or time.

Depending on the chosen mode and set objectives, formation can be imparted in the facilities of the company, if there is an adequate space for it, or in a specialized center in regime residential part-time or full-time, if necessary.

Tell us your needs and we will advise you to design the most suitable strategy to their objectives.

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